ABAC Air Compressors in East Anglia

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ABAC Air Compressors in East Anglia

ABAC sells more industrial air compressors than any other compressor company in the UK. ABAC is part of the Atlas Copco group of companies which is the largest global compressor company in the world. Increasingly, as is the case with most large industrial groups, technology from Atlas Copco is shared across the other brands in the group including ABAC.

“ABAC is the biggest air compressor company in the UK offering a wide range of industrial piston and screw compressors and auxiliary equipment”

This advanced technology background is reflected in the quality and performance of the compressors that ABAC produce. ABAC produce a very wide range of industrial piston compressors and industrial screw compressors. As well as this large range of compressors, ABAC produce a wide range of auxiliary compressed air equipment including dryers, filters and receivers.

ABAC products are targeted at the smaller end of the air compressor market. Most of their screw compressors are sub 30kw, most of their piston machines are sub 7.5kw. ABAC compressors are intended for smaller air users so are typically found in small to medium sized companies.

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ABAC Genesis screw compressors

The well know ABAC screw compressor range includes the market leading Genesis ‘all in one’ or ‘full feature’ compressor.

“The ABAC Genesis screw compressor is the original ‘all in one’ air compressor and has built a massive reputation across the UK for quality, reliability and user friendly operation”

The Genesis range of screw compressors range from 5.5kw up to 22kw. The Genesis compressor is probably the most popular screw compressor across the UK today. Go into any light industrial estate across the UK and you will find ABAC Genesis compressors.

All Genesis compressors consist of a screw compressor an air receiver and a refrigerated dryer in a single small sized module. All Genesis compressors also include an integrated coalescing filter and electronic controller.

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ABAC Spinn Compressors

The ABAC Genesis range of screw compressors is backed up by the ABAC Spinn compressor range. The Spinn range covers sizes from 2.2kw right up to 15kw. The 2.2kw product is available in single phase and 3 phase options.

The Spinn range is much broader than the Genesis range. The Spinn range of screw compressors includes a standalone (base plate) option, a compressor mounted on a receiver and a compressor mounted on a receiver and a refrigerated dryer. These 3 options enable the Spinn compressor to exactly match the requirements of any industrial screw compressor user.

Spinn Compressors are available with either electronic controllers or a more basic ‘mechanical’ starter.

Download the Spinn leaflet here

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ABAC Air Compressors in East Anglia

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