ABAC Air treatment in East Anglia

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ABAC air treatment in East Anglia

As well as being the UK’s biggest air compressor company in the UK, ABAC has a vast range of air treatment products all available across East Anglia from Air Equipment.

Downstream air treatment is a critical, but often overlooked, part of any compressed air system. The compressed air straight out of the compressor is hot, often contains quite a bit of water or water vapour and normally has an amount of oil vapour. All of these are likely to cause problems to whatever the air is going to be used for across the factory.

“Downstream air treatment is often an overlooked part of a compressed air system. ABAC offer a wide range of dryers, filters, pipework and tanks”

Water in their pipework is the most common issue people complain about. This is caused by the moist compressed air cooling and shedding water as it goes along pipework. Water causes all sorts of issues when it enters often delicate and precisely engineered equipment, but equally it can spoil product or surface finish if the air is used for paint spraying.

Thankfully water is relatively easy to remove from compressed air using a simple compressed air refrigerant dryer. The dryer is located close to the compressor either before or after the air receiver and effectively cools the air and collects the condensed water before it can pass down the pipework. A fridge dryer is relatively low cost to buy, doesn’t absorb much energy, usually only needing a single phase 240v power supply and is relatively maintenance free.

Many of the compressors sold by ABAC (such as the Genesis and some SPINNS) are supplied with integrated refrigerated dryers already pre-connected to the compressor and receiver (tank).

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ABAC refrigerated dryers

Many ABAC air compressors such as the Genesis and some of the SPINN models are supplied with integral dryers, already pre-connected to the compressor and receiver so greatly simplifying the set up process.

However if your compressor doesn’t have an integral dryer, ABAC offer a range of freestanding, standalone dryers which are sized so that they can be matched to most compressors on the market today from any manufacturer.

ABAC dryers are sized to the compressor, to minimise energy usage, and are simple to install. all they require is a pipework connection to the compressor and to the air receiver. They need a single phase 240v socket to power the dryer.

At Air Equipment we usually use flexible hoses to connect the dryer to the compressor and receiver for speed of installation and also to stop vibration from the compressor reaching the dryer, which has been known to cause fatigue failures of the delicate aluminium heat exchangers in the dryer.

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ABAC desiccant dryers

In some industries, such as food and pharmaceutical industries, a refrigerated dryer doesnt dry the air enough to meet the latest standards. In these instances a desiccant dryer is often specified. Desiccant dryers operate in a different way to refrigerant dryers. refrigerant dryers cool the to approximately 3’C to remove the water from the air, desiccant dryers use chemical substrates, referred to as media to chemically remove water from the air. Desiccant dryers typically achieve a ‘dew point’ of -40’C or better (dew point is a measure of how much moisture there is in the air. The lower the number the dryer the air).

“Desiccant dryers are becoming essential to meet latest air quality specification demanded by many food and pharmaceutical companies”

ABAC have a full range of desiccant dryers with dew points of -40’c or better. Desiccant dryers typically require a 240v single phase supply. They also typically have a ‘purge’ which is used to recycle the media typically requiring a slightly larger compressor to achieve the required flow rate. Also the media normally has to be replaced every 5 to 10 years, depending on usage. Servicing costs of desiccant dryers are typically higher than fridge dryers.

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ABAC Filters

To accompany the ABAC range of refrigerant dryers, ABAC also offer a comprehensive range of compressed air filters. Compressed air filters are necessary to protect downstream equipment from particles and oil that are sometimes present in compressed air. Filters also help with water removal, along with the dryer. We always recommend fitting two filters, one either side of the dryer, whenever a dryer is used. This helps protect the dryer from damage from solid particles within the compressed air.

Compressed air filters consist of a robust filter housing, normally made from cast aluminium, and a replaceable filter element, normally made from paper or similar medium. The housing has to be robust since it has to withstand the full air pressure of the air compressor, and it is designed to make the air flow through the removable filter element. The function of the removable filter element is to trap any particles and prevent them passing into the downstream equipment.

Filter design, positioning in the system and regular maintenanceĀ  is critical to minimise pressure loss. We recommend that filter elements are replaced annually during service to keep pressure losses through the filter minimised.

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Download the ABAC filters brochure here

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ABAC air treatment in East Anglia

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