Oil Free Air Compressors

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Oil Free Air Compressors

Air Equipment is one of the largest suppliers of industrial, oil free compressors in the South East of England. Oil free compressors are becoming increasingly popular (and increasingly necessary) to meet the latest industry standards especially in the food and pharmaceutical industries. In the past, oil free machines were difficult to make efficient and reliable but as technology has improved over the past few years the machines are becoming better and better.

Companies require oil free machines to guarantee that they have oil free compressed air. Oil free air is required for many applications including food handling, food packaging, pharmaceutical or laboratory use, in fact in almost every application where compressed air comes into contact with end product, where the end product is for animal and human consumption or has high cleanliness requirements.

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Oil free compressors – design challenge

There are two main challenges with design of oil free compressors. Firstly getting rid of the heat generated during the compression process, secondly sealing the compression elements to stop air leakage creating in-efficiencies. Manufacturers have looked at various routes to minimise the effect of these issues. These include using two stage compression with intercoolers to improve efficiency, running air ends at high speeds to minimise leakage, using water as a lubricant / heat conductor to seal and remove heat, using specialist coatings on the compression elements to improve sealing. All of these have beneficial effects on the performance of the compressor but generally all oil free machines suffer from the following issues

They are more expensive to buy and maintain than an equivalent oil lubricated machine

They run hotter than an equivalent oil lubricated machine

They are more noisy than an equivalent oil lubricated machine

Oil Free Product Range

CompAir have unique products that standout from the more traditional oil free machines with improved efficiency, lower noise and lower operating temperatures. Their product range is split across 3 different concepts depending on the volume of air required

  • Low volume                Piston compressors                     less than 5 cfm
  • Lower volume             Scroll compressors                      less than 30 cfm
  • Medium volume         DH water lubricated screw         50 – 150 cfm
  • High volume                Ultima oil free compressors       250 – 800 cfm

To download the latest CompAir oil free compressor brochure click here

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Few people are interested in compressors, Everyone is interested in what compressors do

On a normal day your compressed air supply is not at the top of your list of priorities, you know you need it, but as long as its working you have far more important things to worry about. You are not so worried about how you make the compressed air, its what you do with it and what you make with it that is your main concern.

This is the philosophy that drives Air Equipment. We feel that we should take on the responsibility for making sure you have air when and where you need it, to the quality you require. We are set up to guide and support you. Identifying what you require and supporting you through changes in your business as they occur.

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