Air Compressors for the Pharmaceutical Industry

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Air Compressors for the Pharmaceutical Industry

The Pharmaceutical industry normally has quite specialist requirements for compressed air. Typically these requirements are extremely clean, dry air free from contaminants and often guaranteed oil free. There are a number of ways to achieve this level of cleanliness, ranging from oil free compressors with desiccant dryers to lubricated compressors with oil removing downstream filtration. Talk to us to discuss your exact requirements.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing sites and labs are often large with a varied requirement of compressed air, specialist gases and vacuum in various parts of the factory.  Air Equipment has the experience needed to maintain and develop these complex pipework systems.


Pharmaceutical sites typically require large oil free compressors with desiccant dryers for guaranteed oil free air and then need a large pipework distribution system.

It is sometimes more appropriate to have several small stand alone, low noise, oil free units positioned in individual labs for a more flexible solution.

There are always alternatives available, some of these can be more reliable, lower cost to install or lower cost to operate. If you are looking a a compressed air system for a pharmaceutical application please contact us so we can discuss further.

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Air Equipment can support you and your compressed air system throughout its life. We will monitor your system to ensure it remains reliable, efficient and operating correctly. We will service your compressors, filters and air dryers to schedule, to ensure they continue to operate correctly. We can also help and guide you through changes to your air system as your company changes and grows.

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