Improving the efficiency of your compressed air system

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New technology drives air compressor energy efficiency

There has been a rapid change in the technology within the compressed air industry over the past 10 years. These changes have helped improve air compressor energy efficiency and controllability, and more broadly compressed air systems considerably. There are a number of areas of the industry that have been affected and these pages will give you some insight into the areas that have changed and the effect of these changes and how they can effect the overall energy efficiency of your compressed air system

Variable speed air compressors

Traditionally air compressors are fixed speed so they run at a fixed and consistant speed, which produces a fixed amount of compressed air per minute. This is great if you are using this exact amount of compressed air since the air compressor is constantly running at its most efficient point.

However, as we all know, this is never the case in the real world. The air compressor tends to run to fill up the receiver tank and to supply enough air for the current usage, it then stops running as the required compressed air is drawn off the receiver tank. A few minutes to a few tens of minutes later the air has been drawn off the receiver to the point that the compressor has to start up again to pump the system back up to working pressure and so it goes on through the day.

Variable speed compressors are an innovation that enables the compressor to rotate more slowly, producing less air, absorbing less energy, so it matches exactly the air demand.

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Electronic controllers and datalogging

Having a big powerful air compressor or a number of air compressors producing compressed air is great, but to optimise efficiency of the complete system it is vital to have all this equipment controlled accurately.

If for example you have 3 different sized fixed speed compressors it is always best (most efficient) to use the compressor that is operating nearest to its 100% capacity to supply air to meet current demand. As the working day progresses the air demand changes so the best compressor(s) to use will vary. The current range of air compressor controllers can achieve this quickly and efficiently saving you considerable amounts of energy.

If you add into the mix a variable speed compressor this further complicates the most efficient way to run the system making an electric controller essential to get the best out of the system

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High efficiency pipework and leak detection

You may well have highly efficient air compressor, controlled by an advanced electronic controller that switches in the most efficient air compressors throughout the day, so supply always exactly matches demand. If, however, you are then passing this compressed air into an old fashioned, corroded, leaky pipework system all your hard work has been wasted. All your energy saving efforts are literally leaking away.

The modern high efficiency aluminium pipework systems are smooth bore, practically leak free if well maintained, corrosion resistant and easy to modify, so you can always have the perfect pipework layout for your system, without resorting to nylon hoses and leaky fittings.

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Improving your compressed air system efficiency

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