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Air Compressor hire is a great way to meet short term increased air demand. Many of our customers find they have a short term increased air demand when they are testing new equipment or they have one off large contracts. If your air demand is subject to change it is always worth considering short term compressor hire.

At Air Equipment we have a large fleet of rental compressors, available for immediate hire. We offer electric or diesel powered compressors on a short term or extended basis. Our hire fleet includes compressors ranging from 2 to 30KW.

We are normally able to get an electric or diesel air  compressor to you within a day or so. Making hire the quickest way to get your plant up and running should you have a major compressor breakdown. Talk to us if you have any questions


All our compressors are supplied with the necessary power cables and flexible hoses to connect to your existing system. We can also supply receivers, filters and dryers to meet your air quality requirements.

Pricing varies with the size of the compressor, what other equipment is required and the length of time the equipment is required for. There is also a one off delivery installation and collection charge.

Prices start from as little as £100 per week for a 7.5KW screw compressor

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Air Compressor hire


Air Compressor maintenance, service and repairs

At the heart of the Air Equipment business is an in depth knowledge of compressors and compressed air systems. Between us we have hundreds of years experience servicing, repairing and installing compressors. Our depth of experience means that we can rapidly find solutions to customers concerns, minimising the effect of delays and downtimes.

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