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Supporting you and your compressed air system. Underlining all we do at Air Equipment, is an in depth understanding of air compressors and compressed air equipment.

We have been authorised distributors of Ingersoll Rand for over 30 years and have sold many hundreds of Ingersoll Rand compressors and related equipment over the years. We can rapidly understand your requirements and specify the right solution to meet your needs.



Compressors use large amounts of power to generate compressed air. This means that the energy cost difference between an efficient, well designed and maintained system and a poorly designed and maintained system can be huge.

Using specialist monitoring equipment Air Equipment can monitor customer systems to measure energy usage, actual system demand, leakage levels and pressure drops. Based on this data we can help customers to maintain and revise their compressed air system to ensure it remains as efficient as possible. We use the same techniques to manage system modifications as your business changes and grows ensuring maximum overall system efficiency.

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Excellent service at all times especially breakdowns and call out response...Excellent service at all times especially breakdowns and call out response. Office staff and management very helpful and assist with any issues promptly to ensure your issue is dealt with quickly thus...

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We can solve your compressed air problems

Compressor maintenance, service and repairs

At the heart of the Air Equipment business is an in depth knowledge of compressors and compressed air systems. Between us we have hundreds of years experience servicing, repairing and installing compressors. Our depth of experience means that we can rapidly find solutions to customers concerns, minimising the effect of delays and downtimes.

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