CompAir Ultima Oil Free Compressors

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CompAir Ultima oil free air compressors

Ultima is a groundbreaking range of oil free compressors from CompAir. The patented design of the Ultima makes it uniquely efficient for compressors of its class, offering on average 7.5-10% energy savings over similar sized competition. The unique design, of this all new compressor range, utilises low pressure and high pressure dry screw air ends. Each air end is driven directly by its own variable speed, highly efficient, permanent magnet synchronous motor.

Since both screws are driven independently the rotational speed of the air ends can be varied so that optimum efficiency is maintained right through the compressor speed range. Traditional two stage oil free compressors have both air ends driven from a single central gear drive, fixing the air ends to always have the same speed ratio. Not having a large central gear drive also gives the benefit of reducing the overall size of the combined air end. In addition having watercooling for the air end and motor results in a smaller sized unit and higher efficiency. All these patented features combined give Ultima exceptional levels of efficiency versus traditional oil-free technology.

Considering the highest cost in the lifecycle of a compressor is the energy to run it, the unique design of Ultima allows CompAir to deliver the ultimate performance, ultimate efficiency and a 37% smaller footprint than conventional two stage oil free compressors.

Want more information abut the Ultima? See a short video on the product here

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CompAir Ultima Specifications

Class 0 certified – 100% oil and silicon free for clean air critical applications

  • Pressure range 4 – 10 bar
  • Volume flow 6.7 – 23.3 m3/min
  • Motor power 75 – 160 kw

Highest efficiency levels – up to 13% savings versus industry standard

Optimal performance – LP & HP airends driven individually. No gearbox required

Best in class footprint – up to 37% smaller than industry standard

Quietest compressor in class – max 69 db(A) watercooled

Full upgradeability between 75 kW and 160 kW

Very efficient heat recovery – water cooling of the air ends improves overall efficiency and provides for easy heat recovery

Class 0 certification – Oil and silicone free air

Want more information abut the Ultima? See a short video on the product here

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CompAir Ultima Oil Free Compressors

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