Hydrovane Compressors

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Hydrovane Compressors

Hydrovane is a world famous compressor manufacturer based in the UK. Hydrovane rotary vane compressors give exceptional performance, reliability and longevity. Compressed air is produced using the very simple rotary sliding vane process. The compressor has few moving parts and metal to metal contact is avoided through use of an oil based coolant. The result is that

Hydrovane compressors, as long as they are properly maintained, will run and run.


Directly driven at low speed and with minimal stresses, Hydrovane compressors provide a totally dependable air supply. Consistent, pulse free delivery, with automatic regulation, delivers clean dry compressed air. Intake modulation combined with the Hydrovane REVS energy vent down, minimises energy costs. No bearings or metal parts need to be replaced. Integral design, combining motor, air compressor and cooler along with low noise means that the Hydrovane compressor can be positioned anywhere required. All are fitted with IP55 motors.

Hydrovane compressors have a small footprint so are convenient to install and operate. They are quiet when running (60-70dB(A)). Hydrovane compressors are available in a number of configurations including with integral air dryers, filters and receivers and in cabinets for better silencing

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Hydrovane Compressors

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