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Company Vision

Air Equipment can support you and your compressed air system
throughout its life. We will monitor your system to ensure it remains
reliable, efficient and operating correctly. We will service your
compressors, filters and air dryers to schedule, to ensure they continue
to operate correctly. We can also help and guide you through changes
to your air system as your company changes and grows.

Few people have time to take interest in their compressor

On a normal day your compressed air supply is not at the top of your list of priorities, you know you need it, but as long as its working you have far more important things to worry about. You are not so worried about how you make the compressed air, its what you do with it and what you make with it that is your main concern.

This is the philosophy that drives Air Equipment. We feel that we should take on the responsibility for making sure you have air when and where you need it, to the quality you require. We are set up to guide and support you. Identifying what you require and supporting you through changes in your business as they occur.

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Service Feedback – Always Happy...

Recommendation from a customer in Hertfordshire

We are always extremely happy with the level of service we receive from Air Equipment. Recommendation from a customer in Hertfordshire &...

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Established in 1981 Air Equipment has been servicing customers air compressors for over 30 years.

High level of loyal customers

Established in 1981 Air Equipment has been servicing customers air compressors for over 30 years. ‘We have a reputation for providing high quality, reliable and knowledgeable service to our customers’ says Ian Billington, Managing Director of Air Equipment.

‘We have an extremely high level of loyalty from our customers, in fact we have many customers that have been with us for over 30 years. They like our technical expertise and our honest, straight forward approach with customers, providing a quality service year on year’


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