Air Compressor servicing in East Anglia

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Air Compressor servicing in East Anglia

Servicing your air compressor is critical if you are to maintain its performance, reliability and efficiency. East Anglia is one of the fast growing regions in the UK and usage of compressed air across the region is growing as a result. There is a very broad range of different industries present across East Anglia. The major industries across the region include agricultural and food manufacturing, machining and toolmaking, transport and logistics, automotive, oil and gas, renewables and power generation. Most of these industries require specialist compressed air; often high spec air, low moisture or high purity compressed air.

“Most industries across East Anglia require specialist compressed air”

To keep your air quality to the correct specification it is essential that your compressed air system is maintained correctly.

Many smaller compressed air service companies cant service some of the specialist equipment needed to maintain the high purity air. Make sure you use a company that has staff trained and able to service this this equipment. Air Equipment is able to assist with all this specialist equipment and has the support and backup of some of the worlds largest manufacturers.

Air Equipment Servicing Options

At Air Equipment we offer a wide range of service options to our customers. We offer these variety of options to put you, the customer, in control. We can take more or less control of servicing your compressed air system depending on what you feel comfortable with.

“Many compressor service companies only quote upfront for servicing the air compressor. They then add ‘extras’ when on site including filters and dryers”

All our servicing, as standard, includes servicing the compressor, filters and dryers. We use manufacturer parts and factory trained service engineers. We service all makes of air compressor.

Note: many compressor service companies only quote to service the compressor. They exclude quoting to service dryers and filters and other auxiliary equipment. Often these items are then added as ‘extras’ when the engineer is on site. We feel this is not the ‘correct’ and honest way to quote for servicing so we will always include all auxiliary items we are aware of. We can offer a compressor only service if this is requested.

Find out more about our service options here

3 Year service agreement

The 3 year service agreement is our most popular agreement with customers. This is because its offers best value for money and means our customers don’t need to remember to get their compressor service at the right time, ours systems do this for them.

A 3 year service agreement includes the same features as a one year agreement except the price is fixed for the next 3 years. This means that you know exactly what your compressor servicing is going to cost for the next 3 years. As with our 1 year service agreement we invoice after each service, so if you have 2 services a year we will invoice after the first service and after the second service so the annual total matches exactly the original quotation.  We also offer a significant discount if you take a 3 year agreement vs a 1 year agreement. Again we will contact you when the next service is due across the whole 3 years and arrange a suitable time to do the service.

Find out more about our service agreements here

Additional ‘Bolt on’ items

We also offer a number of ‘bolt ons’ that can be added to our service agreements. These include:

You can decide which of these ‘bolt-ons’ you want to add to your compressed air service agreement, and we will quote each individually when requested. Simply talk to us if you want to add any of these to your service agreement.

1 Year service agreement

Our one year service agreement includes all the parts and labour necessary to maintain your air compressor and auxiliary items. Depending on your hours run we will include one, two or four services a year in a single annual fixed price.

We will invoice after each service so the annual total matches the original quotation. We will contact you when the next service is due and arrange a suitable time to do the service.

After 12 months we will quote again for the next 12 months servicing and remind you when the servicing is due.

Find out more about our service agreements here

Adhoc servicing

The simplest and most basic service we offer. You contact us asking us to service your equipment. We will quote the service including all parts and labour. If you are happy with the quote we come to site at an agreed time and service your compressor. If you request it, we can issue a reminder 12 months later, reminding you your service is due again.

Air Equipment your one stop shop for all your compressed air requirements

As a long standing compressed air service company we have all the tools and resources available to provide everything you need for your compressed air (and vacuum) system. Whether you are looking for a new compressor, new air treatment, servicing, pipework, equipment installation or modifications, advice on compliance or energy saving we can provide all the necessary information, products and service through our experienced and friendly sales and service team.

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“no fuss, service completed on time”..."Easy to deal with, no fuss, service completed on time and efficiently" 2 x Bambi air compressor VT5 75D....

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Air Compressor servicing in East Anglia

Few people are interested in compressors, Everyone is interested in what compressors do

On a normal day your compressed air supply is not at the top of your list of priorities, you know you need it, but as long as its working you have far more important things to worry about. You are not so worried about how you make the compressed air, its what you do with it and what you make with it that is your main concern.

This is the philosophy that drives Air Equipment. We feel that we should take on the responsibility for making sure you have air when and where you need it, to the quality you require. We are set up to guide and support you. Identifying what you require and supporting you through changes in your business as they occur.

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