Energy recovery from your compressed air system

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Energy Recovery

It is inevitable that energy prices will continue to rise as we progress further into the next century. Countries and companies will also face ever more stringent CO2 emissions targets. So it is vital that we use energy as efficiently as possible for the sake of economy and environment.

Approximately 10% of all electrical energy used by industry is accounted for by compressed air systems and it is a thermodynamic fact that about 94% of this energy is converted to heat. Heat that we first pay for to generate and then we pay again to remove using cooling fans and chillers. In other parts of the factory we are paying more to generate heat for hot water or heating systems for space heating or process work.

There has to be a more efficient way to achieve all of this!

Thankfully there is using heat or energy recovery from your compressed air system. The process involves transferring the waste heat from your compressor into a cooling medium (usually air or water) and then moving this warm cooling medium to where it can be used more usefully

Space Heating


Hot water recovery

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Improve efficiency by introducing air compressor energy recovery

Air Compressor energy Recovery

At the heart of the Air Equipment business is an in depth knowledge of air compressors and compressed air systems. Between us we have hundreds of years experience servicing, repairing and installing compressors. Getting your compressed air system installed correctly will have a huge impact on overall system efficiency.

One of the best ways to save energy and reduce you energy bills is to introduce waste heat recovery to your factory.

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