CompAir DH water injected screw compressors

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CompAir DH water injected screw compressors

CompAir DH water injected screw compressors are a unique product in the industrial oil free air compressor market. The two big challenges with oil free compressors are sealing the compression elements and keeping the very temperatures generated in the compression process under control. The DH water injected screw solves both of these problems in one.

The basic concept is that the compression elements within the air end are injected with water. The water seals the gaps minimising leakage and takes away the heat generated in the compression process. The compressed air is then separated from the water and the water is then cooled, filtered and recirculated within the compressor. Due to the very efficient ability of the water to capture and remove the heat the whole compression process can be completed in a single stage, saving costs and complexity. It also means the rotational speed can be minimised keeping noise and wear down to a minimum.

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Water injection technology

Rather than using two contra rotating screws (as with oil lubricated machines) the DH range uses a single rotating screw with two ‘star’ shaped discs that exactly fit into the screw creating the compression voids. The injected water then helps seal the compression elements and remove the generated heat.

Want more information about the DH compressor range? Take a look at a short video about the DH range here

This style of compressor works well in the 22 – 55 kW size range, creating an efficient, small to medium sized, 100% oil free air compressor. The DH compressor is also direct drive so there is no need for a gearbox, meaning that the DH is one of the few oil free compressors that doesn’t have oil anywhere within the compressor. Most two stage oil free compressors need to have a gearbox to increase the speed of the rotating screws to a level that they can work effectively. This gearbox as well as creating inefficiencies also introduces oil into the supposedly ‘oil free’ air compressor.

Durability, reliability and efficiency

At Air Equipment we have installed many of these DH compressors over the years and have had examples running for over 10 years and operating efficiently for over 100,000 hours, so the technology is proven and reliable and if you are in the market for a high quality oil free compressor of the right size the DH range from CompAir is certainly one to consider.

Want more information about the DH compressor range? Take a look at a short video about the DH range here

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CompAir DH water injected screw compressors

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