Compressed air installations and pipework in East Anglia

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Compressed air installations and pipework in East Anglia

Getting your air compressor correctly installed is critical if it is going to be a long lasting and reliable source of compressed air. Once the compressor is correctly installed this still doesn’t necessarily mean that the overall system will be durable, efficient and get the air you need to the place you need it.

“Compressor and pipework need to work together to create an efficient and reliable system”

It is also important that the receiver, dryer and pipework are all correctly sized for the job in hand. They also need to be positioned correctly and in the correct sequence to create an efficient and reliable source of compressed air.

At Air Equipment we have over 40 years experience installing and servicing air compressors and pipework systems. This gives us a huge depth of knowledge of the various types of equipment and how it is most effectively installed and used.

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Air Compressor installation

Getting your air compressor installed isn’t just a case of delivering the compressor and connecting it to the power supply and pipework. There are many factors that need to be considered. Many of these will effect efficiency, reliability and durability of the air compressor. Things that need to be considered include:-

  • Supply of clean, cool air for intake and compressor cooling
  • Hot air discharge air management – ensuring the hot air doesnt get re-circulated back into the compressor.
  • Access for compressor servicing and maintenance
  • Noise

Once these and many other factors have been taken into account it is also important to consider how the compressor is actually moved and position in the correct place, is there a suitable route, is the floor strong enough etc.

We see many air compressors that have been poorly installed, often in a small, poorly ventilated room, or tucked under the stairs. We are often told they are trying to keep the noise down for the people that work around the compressor. Unfortunately, this is a very common situation, often driven by choosing the wrong compressor in the first place.

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Compressed air pipework installation

Getting a compressed air pipework system designed and installed is also not something that can be described in a few lines on a web site. There are many factors that need to be taken into account including:-

  • Air compressor flow rate
  • What demand is likely in various parts of the air system
  • The building design and access to various parts of the building
  • Where is the compressor to be located

Once these are understood there are a raft of other things that need to be understood such as is the air demand likely to be ‘smooth’ or ‘peaky’.

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Types of Pipework

There are many types of compressed air pipework each of which offer benefits and disadvantages.

Extruded Aluminium systems

These are our preferred systems. There are many systems around today and we tend to use Teseo or Airnet extruded aluminium systems for most of our customers (we use other systems at a customers request)

Aluminium systems are easy to install and easy to modify after the initial install (often you can modify when the system is actually live). They are highly efficient, being smooth bored, and very durable since they are not subject to corrosion, often they come with ‘no-leak’ guarantees if installed by an authorised installer.

Additionally they are often cheaper to install than other systems since the installation time tends to be much quicker than traditional galvanised systems.

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Galvanised steel

The traditional type of compressed air pipework. Galv pipework is found in many factories today but suffers from likelihood to leak after  a few years and is difficult to adjust once installed.

Plastic pipe

A cheap but short term solution to compressed air pipework. Typically plastic pipe has a very limited life measured in months. It is also venerable to damage and tends to fail rapidly. At Air Equipment we would never use plastic pipe for compressed air applications except for very temporary installations and even then we would prefer to use hoses.

Air Equipment your one stop shop for all your compressed air requirements

As a long standing compressed air service company, with over 40 years experience, we have all the tools and resources available to provide everything you need for your compressed air (and vacuum) system.

Our team of experienced and factory trained service and installation engineers are on the road round the region everyday working on customers compressors and installations.

Whether you are looking for a new compressor, new air treatment, servicing, pipework, equipment installation or modifications, advice on compliance or energy saving we can provide all the necessary information, products and service through our experienced and friendly sales and service team.

Talk to us on 01284 596556 for more information or if you are struggling to get the right solution to your compressed air problems.

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Compressed air installations and pipework in East Anglia

Few people are interested in compressors, Everyone is interested in what compressors do

On a normal day your compressed air supply is not at the top of your list of priorities, you know you need it, but as long as its working you have far more important things to worry about. You are not so worried about how you make the compressed air, its what you do with it and what you make with it that is your main concern.

This is the philosophy that drives Air Equipment. We feel that we should take on the responsibility for making sure you have air when and where you need it, to the quality you require. We are set up to guide and support you. Identifying what you require and supporting you through changes in your business as they occur.

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