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What is a Written Scheme of Examination?

What is a Written Scheme of Examination for a compressed air system?


Did you know that if you have an air compressor, you need, by law to have a written scheme of examination? A written scheme of examination is a bit like an MOT for your compressed air system. Part of the WSE is to check that your system is operating safely and it ensures that every piece of safety equipment in your system is regularly checked and is working correctly. If anything isnt working correctly you are advised that it needs to be changed and it is your responsibility to make sure it does get changed.


What is a Written Scheme of examination?

A Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) consists of a written report which describes your compressed air system and an inspection of your system based on the written report. The report includes a list of safety equipment and pressure vessels in your system and specifies an inspection period for each item. Typically, the inspection period for the items in your air system would be one or two yearly, but an annual inspection is almost always needed.


Any changes made to your air system needs to be incorporated into the report and the inspection process. Since each WSE is unique we can advise on exactly what is required for your particular air system.


For further information take a look at our Written Scheme of Examination video take a look at our WSE page