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Vane Compressors

Vane compressors have a reputation for reliability

Vane compressors are known for being reliable, simple and effective air compressors, usually at the smaller end of the market. Vane compressors are commonly known by the name of one of the best known vane compressor manufacturers ‘Hydrovane’.

Vane compressors are ideal for continuous use

Vane compressors are ideal for continuous use and have very high life with the correct maintenance. They are efficient and simple and are very popular within industry. The modern machines are getting bigger (volume) and are also packaged to give a smaller footprint. Vane compressors traditionally were horizontally mounted but now they are also available mounted vertically. They are also now available packaged within cabinets, with receivers and integral dryers.


The vane machine has very few moving parts and is intrinsically a simple machine. As a result of this they are very reliable as long as they are serviced and maintained correctly. The air is compressed by a number of vanes that slot into a rotor that is mounted in an offset housing. As the rotor turns at speed the vanes are thrown outwards and slide along the inside edge of housing creating a compression chamber that compresses the air.


There are many companies around the world that have a ‘Hydrovane’ running in the background, year after year, compressing air for their tools, paint shops or plant rooms.


Benefits – lower cost than a screw compressor, smaller physical size, high efficiency, low noise, very long life with correct servicing

Downsides – tend to have smaller capacities than screw machines.



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