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Air Compressors in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire is a large and economically important county to the UK to the North of London. Hertfordshire has benefitted, over the years, from the relocation of companies out of London although it had a strong economic foundation even before then. It has excellent communications and transport links into London and so has become a favourite for people commuting into the capital.

Hertfordshire has a great heritage of manufacturing in its own right and today is particularly strong in the pharmaceutical, military and retail sectors. The biggest towns in Hertfordshire are Watford, Hemel Hempstead and St Albans along with the new towns of Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City. All of these are the home of major UK companies.



Air Equipment operate out of two of Hertfordshire’s neighbouring counties, Bedfordshire and North London, and work on a daily basis within Hertfordshire. Air Equipment have a large customer base in Hertfordshire and regularly work within the pharmaceutical, military and retail / logistics sectors.



Air Equipment offer a wide range of products from a variety of manufacturers. As a longstanding CompAir distributor we have access to one of the best premium product ranges available in the market today. The famous CompAir L series range of lubricated screw compressors offer high efficiency, low noise and small footprint as well as outstanding reliability and durability.

CompAir also offer a wide range of oil free compressors ranging from 7.5KW up to over 250 KW. Included within this are the water lubricated DH range and class leading Ultima range of oil free compressors.

We also offer the Reavell range of high pressure compressors for the more specialist end of the air compressor market. We are regularly working on air compressors in the range of 40 to 300 bar and are specialists in high pressure pipework from the likes of Swagelok.



We have a team of 10 factory trained engineers on the road everyday across the South East of England, so we are never far away from you. We offer a range of service and maintenance programmes for customers air compressors and compressed air systems. These range from one off services on an adhoc basis to one or 3 year’s service agreements. The three year agreement is our most popular service agreement since this gives customers a wide range of benefits including: The security of a guaranteed price, an inflation proof priced, fixed for 3 years in advance Worry free maintenance – we look after your system and our systems record when your compressor will need to be serviced to meet manufacturer recommendations, we simply contact you when a service is required so you don’t need to worry. Reduced call out rates and rapid response for service agreement customers should your compressor breakdown between services Simply talk to us about your compressor servicing requirements and we can put together a programme tailored to your needs.

Abbey Church, St Albans | Air Compressors in Hertfordshire | Air Equipment
Abbey Church, St Albans


‘We are the compressed air experts so you don’t need to be’ Established in 1981 Air Equipment has been servicing customers air compressors for over 30 years. ‘We have a reputation for providing high quality, reliable and knowledgeable service to our customers’ says Ian Billington, Managing Director of Air Equipment. ‘We have an extremely high level of loyalty from our customers, in fact we have many customers that have been with us for over 30 years. They like our technical expertise and our honest, straight forward approach with customers, providing a quality service year on year. We have always focused on the long term. Our aim is to work with customers over the life of their compressor system, helping them optimise their system as their business changes and grows. Our focus is on minimising the overall costs over the life of their system. With the changes in Health and Safety, and the drive for cleaner technologies and waste management, we have put great emphasis on developing Air Equipment to meet the requirements of our customers. This means we are in a position to support our customers no matter what quality systems they require us to work to.


Most of Hertfordshire’s manufacturing companies are based on high technology and as such normally have specific requirements for their compressed air. Normally this requires the quality of the compressed air to be particularly clean and dry. Air Equipment has a huge amount of knowledge in specialist compressed air applications. Our experienced team of sales engineers will work with you to help specify, design and install your compressed air system. This is a process we have been through many times and are very familiar with. Typical installations we have helped develop are: Compressed air systems for engineering, medical and bio labs at universities Air and specialist gases for research labs within the aerospace industry Air systems for military applications Compressed air and Nitrogen systems for pharmaceutical companies Compressed air systems for manufacturing companies within the engineering and food sectors.


Whilst Air Equipment do work with some of the largest, most specialist companies across Hertfordshire we also work with some of the smallest companies too. Many of our customers have been working with us for over 30 years. We believe that our customers stay with us since they feel we provide the most appropriate compressed air systems for all our customers, big or small. We like to work with our customers over the long term and believe that we provide the best value solutions over the long term. We always take into account our customers future plans, there is little point offering a cheap short term solution if we know the customers requirements are going to change within the next six months and that they will shortly need to replace the complete system.

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Air Equipment win CompAir UK Dealer of the year 2018...

We are pleased to announce that Air Equipment won the award for the UK Dealer of the Year 2018 at the recent CompAir Dealer conference. This very prestigious award is given to...

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Air Equipment is your partner in compressed air. If you have a compressed air problem we can help you fix it.  Based near Milton Keynes we have additional offices in London and Bicester so cover most of the South East of England. We offer compressed air advice and guidance for all industries and companies big or small. We are official UK distributors for Compair compressors but also sell ABAC and Hydrovane compressors and specialist compressors from Ekom & Bambi. We offer a service and maintenance programme for all makes of compressor. We also have a specialist team that can advise, help design and install compressor and pipework installations, big or small.

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