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Air Compressors in Bedfordshire

Bedfordshire is a county with many successful businesses, there are also a large number of new start ups popping up across the county. Business confidence, whilst marginally lower than in previous years largely due to Brexit, remains high in the county according to the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce. Luton Airport and Vauxhall in Luton are key businesses in the county along with businesses in the military, manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. This makes the requirements for high quality, specialist support for air compressors in Bedfordshire high. Air Equipment is one of the few companies in the region that can provide this support.

The major towns in the county are Luton, Bedford, Dunstable and Leighton Buzzard, all of which have significant commercial and business presence.


Air Equipment with its head office in Flitwick, Bedfordshire, has been serving customers in the county since it first launched in 1982. Air Equipment is a company dedicated to providing long term support for our customers for anything compressed air related. This includes:-

  • Air compressor servicing and maintenance
  • Specification, design and installation of new compressed air systems
  • Air compressor sales and installations
  • Supporting customers with legal requirements for compressed air systems such as Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) and insurance inspections.
  • Air compressor breakdown emergency repairs

From our base in Flitwick we are able to quickly help customers with their air compressors across Bedfordshire. We are never more than a quick phone call away.


Installing a compressor is rarely just a case of delivering the new compressor to site and connecting it to your power supply and local pipework system. There are normally other modifications or other new installations required at the same time. Frequently these will be modifications to existing pipework. Installs sometimes involve other plant movements in the compressor house, or installation of new controllers or control systems. Quite often the compressor will be located in the roof of the building requiring specialist equipment to lift the compressor into place. We have come across all of these situations (and many more!) and we have the experience, tools and knowledge to work out the best approach, with the aim of minimising costs and downtime for you.

The Bedford Bridge | Air Compressors in Bedfordshire | Air Equipment
The Bridge in Bedford


Air Equipment has helped many hundreds of customers with their air compressors and compressed air systems. Whether you are a small ‘one man band’ or a large multinational manufacturer we can supply the service you need to keep your compressed air systems operating most effectively. Typical requests we receive from our customers are: Can we help with specification and design of new air system for a new factory or production line? There is water in the customers air lines and this is effecting production The air pressure in the compressed air system is dropping around peak usage The customer is worried about the air quality of their system for their new food related product line All of these, and many more, are typical queries that we are able to help with and we have the experience and expertise to offer guidance to the customer.


Air Equipment offer our customers a range of service agreements and routine maintenance. Typical compressors require servicing twice a year but this can increase depending on the hours run every year. Our aim with all servicing options is to take away the need for you to worry about your compressors servicing or maintenance. Our systems record all details of your compressors, we then remind you when they are due for a service or maintenance. In addition our systems track the work that has been done on your compressors, over the years, so we can highlight any upcoming maintenance requirements or special maintenance needed to maintain your manufacturer warranty.


Our industry leading breakdown coverage operates 24 hours a day 364 days a year. With a quick phone call to us we can often identify the nature of your compressors problem. Frequently we can fix the problem over the phone, if not, we can get one of our service engineers to you within a few hours. They will normally be able to fix the issue or at least get your system up and running again with a temporary fix. Alternatively, we can bring a hire compressor so at least your manufacturing line can be working while your compressor is being repaired. With our three office locations we are never far away.

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About Air Equipment

Air Equipment is your partner in compressed air. If you have a compressed air problem we can help you fix it.  Based near Milton Keynes we have additional offices in London, Bury St Edmunds and Bicester so cover most of London, East Anglia and the South East of England. We offer compressed air advice and guidance for all industries and companies big or small. We are official UK distributors for CompAir but also sell ABAC and Hydrovane air compressors as well as specialist compressors from Ekom & Bambi. We offer a service and maintenance programmes for all makes of compressor. We have a specialist team that can advise, help design and install compressor and pipework installations, big or small.

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