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Air Compressors in London

Based in North West London near Wembley, Air Equipment is on your door step to help with your compressed air system requirements. As a long standing Air Compressor sales and service business we have been serving customers in London for over 30 years. With the increasing complexity of compressed air systems and the increasing requirements for Health and Safety and compressed air regulation you need to use a company that can offer accurate and timely advice. Air Equipment is one of the few companies in the region that can offer this support and has been doing so for air compressors in London for many years.

London is a rapidly growing part of the UK, with lots of existing and start-up companies coming to the area. If you are involved in any sort of manufacturing, whether it is food, pharmaceutical, or engineering related, you are likely to have need for a compressed air supply. Most manufacturing equipment you are likely to be using requires an electrical and a compressed air supply to operate correctly. The electrical supply is pretty straight forward, the compressed air may need a little more thought.


Our Air Equipment sales engineers can work with you to solve your compressed air issues. Whether you are looking at a minor alteration to your existing system or a completely new compressed air system for a new factory of production line we can be there to help you through the specification, design and implementation phases.

Typical issues that we help our customers with are:

  • The compressed air pressure is low in a certain part of the factory
  • There is water in the compressed air pipework
  • You are worried about the legal, health and safety requirements for compressed air
  • You are looking at installing a new manufacturing line and need a new compressed air supply
  • You are worried about the quality of the compressed air you are using in your food preparation line

We have solved these and many more issues with our customers.


Installing a compressor is rarely just a case of delivering the new compressor to site and connecting it to your power supply and local pipework system. There are normally other modifications or other new installations required at the same time. Frequently these will be modifications to existing pipework. Installs sometimes involve other plant movements in the compressor house, or installation of new controllers or control systems. Quite often the compressor will be located in the roof of the building requiring specialist equipment to lift the compressor into place. We have come across all of these situations (and many more!) and we have the experience, tools and knowledge to work out the best approach, with the aim of minimising costs and downtime for you.

Thames Barrier | Air Compressors in London | Air Equipment
The Thames Barrier, London


At Air Equipment we like to work with our customers over the long term. We have been working with many of our customers for over 20 years, some since we started in 1982. The benefit of this is that we understand your business better and are able to propose the most appropriate solution for your business based on a long term relationship, rather than just propose a quick fix for the short term. We always consider the long term needs of the customer. There is very little point in solving a short term issue if there is a bigger event just over the horizon. Taking both into account now will often be more costs effective than a quick fix now and a further fix 6 months down the road.


With our team of over 10 service engineers we are always in your part of the world. Our team of factory trained service engineers are out and about across London and the South East of England on  a daily basis. We offer a wide range of service options to keep your air compressor working at its most efficiently. Typically your compressor will need to be serviced a couple of times a year. The service will vary depending on hours run and the environment it is operating it. We can offer a one off service, a one or a three year service agreement where we take on responsibility for managing your compressors servicing, scheduling servicing with you and reminding you that a service is required. In this way you know exactly how much its going to cost to maintain your compressor for the next one or three years.


But on all these matters don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at the customers comments about our services. We use an independent company to manage our customers reviews, so you can be sure these are a fair reflection of the work we do. Do take a look at the ‘Reference Line’ links below to see what our customer are saying about us.

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About Air Equipment

Air Equipment is your partner in compressed air. If you have a compressed air problem we can help you fix it.  Based near Milton Keynes we have additional offices in London and Bicester so cover most of the South East of England. We offer compressed air advice and guidance for all industries and companies big or small. We are official UK distributors for Compair compressors but also sell ABAC and Hydrovane compressors and specialist compressors from Ekom & Bambi. We offer a service and maintenance programme for all makes of compressor. We also have a specialist team that can advise, help design and install compressor and pipework installations, big or small.

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