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Air Compressors in Cambridgeshire

Cambridge is globally famous for its university, its scientific research, its wonderful architecture and for the many tourists that are always on the streets around the town. Fewer people, however, know about its extremely successful hi-tech industry and its science park, where some of the most successful UK businesses are based in the hi-tech and research sector. These types of industries all require compressed air and often also require compressed specialist gases such as nitrogen, argon or oxygen. With such requirements for specialist support for air compressors in Cambridgeshire you need to use a company with the experience and knowledge to be able to give accurate and timely advice. Air Equipment is one of the few companies in the region that can offer this service.

These types of business all have the need for compressed air and compressed gases in their research labs and manufacturing facilities. The scope and scale of compressed gas usage varies greatly depending on what it is required for. But normally the quality of the compressed air or compressed gas is critical requiring significant amounts of downstream filtration and drying to meet the required specification.

With our newly opened office in Bury St Edmunds, we are less than 30 minutes away from central Cambridge, so are literally only a phone call away.



Typical questions we are asked by our customers include:

  • The pressure of my compressed air system drops at peak demand periods
  • Why am I getting water in my manufacturing equipment from my compressed air pipework, how can I stop it?
  • I need compressed air in my new building extension, can you help with the specification and design?
  • I’m getting a new piece of test equipment for my factory and it needs a special high quality compressed air spec, what’s the best way to get this?

We can help with these questions and many more, give us a call to discuss your compressed air issues




There are of course lots of smaller businesses or business start-ups in Cambridge that also require compressed air systems. We also cater for these companies, tailoring the package to the exact requirements of the company. We always aim to build a long term relationship with the customer, taking a longer term view of the business rather than a short term quick fix. Frequently it is much more costs effective to provide a system suitable for the next couple of years rather than a short term fix that solves the problem for 6 months but then requires further investment a few months down the road.

Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge| Air Compressors in Cambridgeshire | Air Equipment
Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge


Air Equipment has sold many hundreds of air compressors and compressed air packages in and around the Cambridge area since the company launched in 1982. Our specialist sales engineers can help you specify, design and install a compressed air, nitrogen or specialist gas system into your facility. They have the in-depth knowledge required to achieve what you need from your compressed gas system.


With our team of 10 service engineers constantly on the road around Cambridgeshire, East Anglia, Bedfordshire and North London, we are always in your area. We offer an number of different service solutions to fit with your requirements. We offer one off air compressor services, just call us and we can arrange this, or we can offer one or three year service agreements where we give you a fixed guaranteed price for your air compressor servicing covering the next one or three years. The choice is yours but either of these packages offer the reassurance of a fixed price whilst also taking away the need for your to remember about the compressor servicing. Our systems record when a service is required and we contact you to make an appointment at the appropriate time.

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Air Equipment is your partner in compressed air. If you have a compressed air problem we can help you fix it.  With our head office near Milton Keynes we have offices in London Bury St Edmunds and Bicester so cover most of the South East of England. We offer compressed air advice and guidance for all industries and companies big or small. We are official UK distributors for CompAir but also sell ABAC and Hydrovane compressors and specialist compressors from Ekom & Bambi. We offer a service and maintenance programme for all makes of compressor. We have a specialist team that can advise, help design and install compressor and pipework installations, big or small.

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