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Industrial Air Compressors for the Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing sector is probably the largest user of Industrial Air Compressors. Almost every manufacturer or service facility will have demand for compressed air and so is very likely to have an air compressor somewhere on site.

The Air Compressors will be used for a huge range of different applications within the industry, this will include:

Powering air tools

Powering pneumatically controlled tools and services

Paint and glue spraying

Powering and controlling clamps and fixtures

Pressure testing components

Shielding electronics during soldering

and a multitude of other things.


Although industrial air compressors are used for a very wide range of applications in manufacturing the basic requirements fr each are normally very similar. These are:

Reliability – Air Compressors are critical to the manufacturing line so they must be reliable and often have backup to guarentee against breakdown

Durability – The Air Compressors are used single, double of even triple shift so they need to be durable and be designed to last

Consistency – They need to work consistently day in, day out regardless of weather, environment or usage pattern

Cost effective – They need to produce the right amount of compressed air at the right pressure regardless of demand, at the lowest possible unit price

Quality – The produced compressed air needs to be of the right quality, consistently and reliably

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