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Air Equipment Energy Audits

Air Equipment Energy Audits (also known as datalogging or Air Audits) are aimed at identifying exactly where you could be saving energy in your compressed air system. Our audits take a ‘whole system’ approach rather than just looking at your air compressor. We find that this whole system approach is by far the most effective way to analyse your air system, enabling us to identify areas for improvement on both the supply and demand side.

With increasing energy costs a fact of life for business, and carbon and emissions levies and taxes a looming reality, the performance and efficiency of you compressed air system have never been more important. Potential energy savings not only reduce the environmental impact of your business, they also return money to your bottom line.

Advanced compressed air energy tracking and analysis

Our data loggers incorporate high quality sensors to collect and store information relating to system pressure, temperature, pressure dewpoint and flow rate. Our current and measurement loggers enable true power to be accurately measured, with power costs using these figures.

The latest software technology allows us to analyse, chart, graph and prepare professional audit reports. Built in simulation wizards allow us to show you cost saving by simulating the use of different compressor configurations, of both fixed and variable types, against your existing compressors.

Efficiencies can be identified on the supply and demand side

Supply side

10 – 20% savings can be commonly found on the supply side of a compressed air system by identifying areas of improvement in:





Equipment maintenance

Installation issues

Demand side

A further 20 – 30% of savings can be found on the demand side of a compressed air system by identifying areas of improvement in

Compressed air leaks

Artificial demand

System dynamics

System design


Energy Audits For Compressed Air Systems

Air Equipment use specialist Energy Audit data loggers to measure actual energy usage, actual system demand, leakage levels and pressure drops on your compressed air system.

To do this we attach our energy audit equipment (data loggers) to specific parts of your compressed air system. These loggers, which don’t interfere at all with your normal compressed air system, are then left to record live data from your system for a period of, usually, 7 days.

The data that has been recorded on the data loggers is then transferred via the cloud to our latest analysis software can then be used to analyse, chart and display data on your current usage.

We are then able to use the specialist software simulation wizards to model your current usage pattern with a selection of different fixed and variable speed compressors to identify the most appropriate size and type of compressor(s) for your exact usage pattern. This gives us clear data on which to base decisions as well as giving us reliable paybacks on expenditure across different areas of the system

From the retrieved data we are able to understand, in detail, your compressed air demand, compressor utilisation, leakage rates and pressure drops across a typical week.


Based on the principle you can ‘only improve what you measure’ the Energy Audit will give us the data required to accurately measure your compressed air system. From the data file we can model, using state of the art predictive software, what will happen when we change certain parameters, such as system pressure or compressor size.

This give us the ability to quantify, in saved costs, the effect of making specific improvements to your system

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