Energy audit and data logging

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Energy Audit For Compressed Air Systems

Air Equipment use specialist Energy Audit systems to measure actual energy usage, actual system demand, leakage levels and pressure drops on your compressed air system.

To do this we attach energy audit equipment (data loggers) to specific parts of your compressed air system. These loggers are then left to record live data from your system for a period of usually 7 days.

From the retrieved data we are able to understand, in detail, your compressed air demand, compressor utilisation, leakage rates and pressure drops across a typical week.


Based on the principle you can ‘only improve what you measure’ the Energy Audit will give us the data required to accurately measure your compressed air system. From the data file we can model, using state of the art predictive software, what will happen when we change certain parameters, such as system pressure or compressor size.

This give us the ability to quantify, in saved costs, the effect of making specific improvements to your system

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They have solved any problems we had very promptly....They supplied and serviced our air compressor for last 4 years and have solved any problems we had very promptly. On a recent air receiver purchase which was damaged by the courier they h...

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Really understand your compressed air system with an Energy Audit

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At the heart of the Air Equipment business is an in depth knowledge of compressors and compressed air systems. Between us we have hundreds of years experience servicing, repairing and installing compressors. Our depth of experience means that we can rapidly find solutions to customers concerns, minimising the effect of delays and downtimes.

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